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Case Study No. 1872: Captain Librarian and the League of Librarians

Captain Librarian and the Founding of Library Science
IST 511 Fall 2011 assignment - You Need a Graduate Degree For That?

Jessica Gavin, Darren Glenn, Jake Hare, Chubing Hong, Rachel Lee, Kathleen McClure.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! :)

Music Credits at the end.
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[scene opens with three "super villains" beating up a young male patron, when the female librarian super hero (long black hair, black sweater vest, sparkly gold blouse, red elbow-length gloves and nylons) bursts in through the door and confronts them]
NARRATOR: Captain Librarian, one of the world's most beloved heroes. Everyone knows the tale of her daring exploits ... but it is few who know the tale that changed everything.
[they surround her and start beating her up]
NARRATOR: This is the story of the founding of Library Science.
[she "hulks up" and throws them all off in one move, as the camera focuses on one of the villains (white wig, white face paint, white gloves, white pants suit) landing on a nearby couch]
NARRATOR: White Out ...
[cut to another villain (sunglasses, black mask covering his mouth, black gloves, black sweater and pants) landing on the ground]
NARRATOR: The Censor ...
[cut to the last villain (striped bandana around her forehead, striped shirt, blue jeans) landing in a "ninja" pose]
NARRATOR: And Captain Jack-That-File ...
[she looks over at White Out, who points her finger at Captain Librarian]
NARRATOR: Three of Captain Librarian's most deadly arch-enemies, joining forces to take down Captain Librarian once and for all.
[Captain Jack-That-File takes out a plastic knife and charages Captain Librarian, who gets into a slap fight before pushing her away]
[cut to Captain Jack-That-File pulling out another knife and charging again, but the librarian grabs her arms and throws her off camera]
[cut to The Censor, as he grabs a punch thrown by Captain Librarian ... but then misses a bunch of his own, as the librarian elbows him in the stomach and then kicks him while he's down]
[cut to The Censor on the ground, as he slowly gets up and comes at the librarian from behind, but she grabs him (without even looking) and throws him back to the ground]
[cut to White Out as she slowly approaches the librarian (with her look of confidence on her face) ... but then the scene gets scrambled, and cut to the three villains all lying in a heap on the floor]
NARRATOR: The day was hers. The battle was the toughest she had fought yet, and left her anxious and leery ...
[cut to the librarian striking a dramatic pose outside of the library]
NARRATOR: Captain Librarian realized that she could no longer fight the evils of the world on her own. She contemplated for many days ... Finally, inspiration struck. She could change the world, with help.
[cut to Captain Librarian (in her "regular" librarian outfit) speaking to a group of people in a conference room]
NARRATOR: Captain Librarian called together the world's greatest minds, the top librarians, to share her vision.
[the camera pans around the room, as dramatic music plays and Captain Librarian continues giving her speech]
NARRATOR: She told them that it was not enough for them to be passive, but they were going to have to let loose. Get more radical.
[she walks over to a whiteboard and points to the message written there ("The mission of librarians is to improve society through faciliating knowledge creation")]
NARRATOR: They were not desk clerks, but heroes. And they had a mission.
[the camera pans around the room again]
NARRATOR: They saw the wisdom in Captain Librarian's words. This was a job that no one could nor should do alone. Their first action was to create a Library Special Forces, the foot soldiers and future of new librarianship. This was the beginning of Library Science.
[the camera focuses on a male and female librarian ("Schmedienne" and "Super Librarian"), as they turn to each other and nod before removing their glasses]
NARRATOR: From that day, the Council forever shed their mild-mannered alter egos and became ... The League of Librarians.
[cut to black and white footage of Captain Librarian speaking directly to the camera]
CAPTAIN LIBRARIAN: Greetings, future heroes. You are here because you are the best and the brightest. The ambitious hunters, the skilled seekers, and you feel compelled to use your copious talents for the good of humanity. As a librarian, you will face many trials and tribulations, villains in many forms. The training you will receive here at ...
[she moves her lips, but someone else saying "Syracuse University" is dubbed in]
CAPTAIN LIBRARIAN: Will prepare you for the challenges you will face. A Master's in Library Science is more than just a degree. It is the calling to fight against injustice and ignorance. Remember, you are not your building, you are not your books. You are a seeker, a finder, a librarian. The library is where you are, and this world needs you!

Directed by
Darren Glenn

Written by
Kathleen McClure & Rachel Lee

Based on characters created by
Kathleen McClure

Produced by
Team Awesome

Executive Producer
Rachel Lee

Edited by
Rachel Lee
Kathleen McClure

Visual Effects Supervisor
Rachel Lee

Jessica Gavin
Kathleen McClure
Chubing Hong
Jake Hare

Team Awesome

In association with
IST511 Fall 2011

A Darren Glenn film

Captain Librarian
and the
Founding of Library Science


Captain Librarian/Paige Turner ... Jessica Gavin
The Narrator ... Darren Glenn
White Out ... Kathleen McClure
Censor ... Jake Hare
Captain Jack that File ... Chubing Hong
Kid getting the tar beat outta him ... Topher Lawton
School Librarian/Schmedienne ... Rachel Lee
Librarian/Super-Librarian ... Darren Glenn
Boy/Literacy Boy ... Topher Lawton
Girl/Literacy Girl ... Meredith Levine
The Archivist/Archaia ... Jillian Healy
Children's Librarian/Cat o' Nine Tales ... Jessica Stewart
League of Librarians Member 1 ... Jill Hurst-Wahl
League of Librarians Member 2 ... Sean Molinaro
League of Librarians Member 3 ... Mikal Salaam
League of Librarians Member 4 ... Nick Berry
League of Librarians Member 5 ... Matthew Gunby
The Page ... as itself

Director ... Darren Glenn
Assistant Director ... Rachel Lee
Executive Producer ... Rachel Lee
Writers ... Kathleen McClure, Rachel Lee
Characters created by ... Kathleen McClure
Video Editing ... Rachel Lee, Kathleen McClure
Visual Effects Supervisor ... Rachel Lee
Costume Design ... Kathleen McClure
Make-up ... Rachel Lee
Stunt Double for Captain Librarian ... Darren Glenn
Assistant to Ms. Gavin ... Kathleen McClure
Assistant to Ms. McClure ... Rachel Lee
Assistant to Mrs. Lee ... Darren Glenn
Assistant to Mr. Glenn ... Tim
Assistant to Tim ... Jake Hare


"Into the Fire"
Copyright KPM Music
Performed by KPM Music
Used with Fair Use All Rights Reserved

"To Glory"
Written by Thomas J. Bergersen
Copyright 2010 Two Steps From Hell
Performed by Two Steps From Hell
Used with Fair Use All Rights Reserved

"Sons of War"
Written by Thomas J. Bergersen
Copyright 2007 Two Steps From Hell
Performed by Two Steps From Hell
Used with Fair Use All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2011 Team Awesome

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