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Case Study No. 1745: Ian Anstice

"We Need Libraries" - One Man and His Beard
"We Need Libraries" was written by One Man And His Beard in 2011 in response to the alarming cuts happening to the Library service in the UK, and that are still happening around the world.
The video features many leading Library Campaigners,Authors and stars from the world of entertainment, including Ian Rankin, Reverend Richard Coles, Robin Ince, Andrew Collins, Gideon Coe, Philip Ardagh, Alan Gibbons, Lucy Porter, Ruth Barnes and many more Library lovers from around the world holding the card that never stops giving - their Library card!
The message from Ian Anstice of Public Libraries News describes, along with the song, all the reasons "We Need Libraries".

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Video made by Chris Arkley of Out of the Ark Productions
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Twitter: @OOTAP

Album Art by Deborah Pullan

Thanks to all who submitted their pictures!
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We need libraries for the toddler to hold a picture book.
For the preschooler at a story time and the parent to meet others.
For the many children who do not have a book at home, and for the child who reads more than any parent can afford.
For the student to study and for those looking for a job.
For the lonely, for the lost and those in need of comfort.
For the businessman, for the wifi, and the busy to meet.
For the community who need a place to meet on equal terms.
For the nation to be literate and have access for all.
We need libraries to be a civilised, modern nation, so it's time to stand up, now, libraries need us.

[music video opens with a shot of a lone tree in an open field, with dozens of photographs hanging from the branches, then cut to various shots of each individual photograph (showing pictures of people taking selfies with their library cards)]

Shh! Shh!
Don't close our, our libraries!
Don't close our liiiiiiiibraries!
Don't close our, our libraries!
Don't close our liiiiiiiibraries!

Don't close our, our libraries!
Cause that's not gonna help this once-great nation
Starving the poor of useful information

Do we really want, do we really want a backwards backwoods country
Cause that's what'll happen if they close all the libraries
Then nobody will get any books for free

Don't close our, our libraries!
Don't close our liiiiiiiibraries!
Don't close our, our libraries!
Don't close our liiiiiiiibraries!

Don't close our, our libraries!
Unless you wanna send us back to the Dark Ages (Dark Ages)
Where only the wealthy get to read the expensive pa-pages (pa-pages)
Cause in these times, using computers shouldn't be expensive luxuries
You should be able to go, go to the library and get all our information for free

So don't close our, our libraries!
Cause we need libraries, we need libraries, we need libraries, we need libraries
We need libraries, we need libraries, we need libraries, we need libraries
We need libraries, we need libraries, we need librariiiiiiies!

So don't close our, our libraries!
Cause if you do, we won't be quiet
Not saying what we'll do, but probably send our wives
Cause if you dooooooo ... we won't be quiet


[scene fades to black, as "Thanks to all who submitted their pictures with their library cards, your support means the world to us!" appears on screen]

"We Need Libraries"
Written and Performed by
One Man And His Beard

Video by
Christopher Arkley



Back in December, One Man and His Beard requested pictures of people holding their library cards for a video he was planning. The response was phenomenal and the result of everyone's efforts is now available online, just in time for National Libraries Day! The video features a whole host of library supporters with their library cards...see if you can spot someone you know! Be sure to read the text scrolling along the bottom, put together by Ian Anstice of Public Libraries News and do share as widely as possible! It would be great to get this going viral for National Libraries Day!

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We Need Libraries – a brilliant song about libraries and why we need them by One Man and His Beard.

A unique purveyor of indie/punk dance songs with strong hooks and melodies,with the appearance of a 100 year old but the energy of a 20 year old
One Man And His Beard played the final protest in front of the BBC in London in 2010 to help save BBC 6 Music,and in 2012 played the We Need Libraries song at the Speak up for Libraries Rally at Westminster Hall,London to help spread the message that many Libraries are under threat!

Listen to some of his other music here: https://sound



Battle over library closures intensifies
Culture Minister Ed Vaizey says there will be a report into library service as government is handed petition and he is branded 'Dr Beeching of libraries'.

By Martin Chilton, Digital Culture Editor
3:37PM GMT 13 Mar 2012

The government was today presented with a petition of 70,000 signatures against library closures collected by the Women's Institute.

Campaigners held a rally in London to coincide with a Parliamentary hearing by the Culture, Media and Sport select committee on library closures. Culture Minister Ed Vaizey has agreed to demands to produce a report by 2014 assessing the impact of changes in the library service for "good or bad".

Shadow culture minister Dan Jarvis claimed his opposite number faced becoming the "Dr Beeching of libraries" - a reference to Richard Beeching, who was behind the closure of many railway routes.

More than 100 libraries have either closed or are being run by volunteers in the past year, while those left open were being "pared to the bone" because of cuts, according to a study by Unison.

Vaizey insisted there was "no crisis" in the library service as he said that libraries run by volunteers could end up opening longer and providing books that are "more in tune" with local communities. Vaizey said that having volunteers run a library was "not a disaster" and that volunteers had always assisted the service. "It's not a failure of the library service - it's an opportunity for the library service."

Campaigners argue that that Big Society "volunteer-led" libraries are unsustainable and will lead to a drop in quality of service and eventual closure.

Jarvis said that Vaizey should not be so "short-sighted" as to permit 600 libraries to shut in England. He urged the government to intervene to save these "vital assets", adding that not to do so would make a 'mockery of the 1964 Public Libraries and Museums Act'.

The Act allows the secretary of state to intervene if local authorities are in breach of their statutory requirement to provide a 'comprehensive and efficient' library service in local communities.

Speakers at a rally at Central Hall, Westminster, this morning included author Philip Ardagh, Orange Prize co-founder Kate Mosse and Ruth Bond from The National Federation of Women's Institutes.

Ardagh, the award-winning author of the Eddie Dickens adventures, currently published in over 30 languages, earlier told The Telegraph that was speaking in support of libraries becase: "I want children from homes where there are few if any books to have the chance to discover the world of reading. I want those children who find homelife too distracting, unnerving or (sometimes) downright dangerous to have somewhere to do their homework where they feel happier or safer.

"I want people without access to the Internet at home to be able to use the computers. I want community information direct from the community. I want professional librarians to be able to offer professional advice, face-to-face, human to human. I like the storytime; the make-and-do; the exhibitions . . .and all those other things libraries have to offer. I want to keep the heart of the community at the heart of the community."

The march was organised by a new campaigning alliance Speak up for Libraries and featured film clips, talks from MPs and the band One Man and His Beard singing Don't Close Our Libraries.

A campaign against library cuts has been running since February 2011's Save Our Libraries Day. Last month, to mark National Libraries Day (4 February) Children's Laureate Julia Donaldson wrote a poem in protest at planned library closures.

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