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Case Study No. 1697: Pinky (Wannabe Librarian)

One of the funniest Pinky ONEliners ever
Pinky tries on the new glasses for the first time...

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[scene opens with the white mice Pinky and Brain heading out on the campaign trail]
BRAIN: Now Pinky, I must warn you. The American voter will ask grueling questions, some of which will have no clear cut answer.
[he walks over to a computer monitor (next to which is something covered up with a handkerchief)]
BRAIN: To help you through this ordeal, I have come up with a little something I like to call ...
[he pulls off the handkerchief, revealing a pair of glasses]
BRAIN "Prompt-O-Specs!"
[he starts typing on the keyboard]
BRAIN: I will type out the well reasoned response on this keyboard, and the words shall appear before your eyes.
[Pinky picks up the glasses and puts them on]
PINKY: Oooh, they give me that saucy librarian look! You know, all bookish ...
[he takes off the glasses]
PINKY: Then take off the glasses, let down the hair, and ... "Rawrr"!
[he laughs uproariously, but Brain merely stares at him with a deadpan look on his face]
BRAIN: Pinky, don't act like an idiot 'til after you're elected ...


From tv.com:

"Pinky and the Brain"
Season 2, Episode 7 ("The Pink Candidate")
Air Date: Saturday November 2, 1996

Pinky writes a letter to the newspaper criticizing the comic strip "The Family Circus". His letter, however, is misunderstood as a political statement that thrusts him to a spotlight that leads him to the Presidency of the United States. Pinky's administration, however, must deal with a scandal when the Brain's plans to take over the world are made public.

The Pink Candidate is a satire on the 1996 presidential election (in which Pinky enters the race and defeats Bill Clinton and Bob Dole).

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