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Case Study No. 1645: The Zombrarians of Tea Tree Gully Library

Zombrarians: Half zombie, half librarian
Tea Tree Gully librarians explain how the unusual concept for a "Zombies in the Library" Calendar came about.
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[scene opens on the set of the "Weekend Sunrise" show, with the two hosts speaking directly to the camera, as "The Zombrarians, There's more to the story" appears on screen]
ANDREW O'KEEFE: Forget everything you know about librarians. Turns out, they don't say "shh!"
SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: Yeah. Um, our Paul Marshall discovered they like to have a little bit of fun.
[cut to an exterior shot of the Tea Tree Gully Library at night, as a "sound alike" instrumental version of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" plays in the background]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] After hours, at Tee Tree Gully ...
[cut to inside of the library, where a male librarian (dressed in zombie makeup) sits at the front desk]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] A night at the library.
[the "zombie" looks up at the camera, then speaks in a guttural growl]
STEPHEN RADLETT: Uggggh, can I help you?
[cut to more librarians dressed as zombies, as they shuffle through the library]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] When zombies roam the book shelves ... The living dead, like Stephen Radlett, a librarian.
[cut to a shot of a male librarian (short brown hair, glasses, business suit) sitting at the front desk, speaking directly to the camera]
STEPHEN RADLETT: I'm the information services librarian, or ... that's library-speak for the person you come and ask questions.
[he gives a nervous laugh, then cut to the librarian (back in his zombie makeup) groaning at the camera]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] They call themselves "zombrarians." Carly Reimann's another one.
[cut to a female librarian (black hair, black sweater, red dress) next to a book cart, speaking directly to the camera]
CARLY REIMANN: I'm on the systems team, so ... all things computers and internet.
[cut to the librarian (with her back to the camera) sitting in a chair having zombie makeup applied]
ZAYN GHAST: Blood ...
[she turns around to reveal her blood-covered face, then gets up and begins shambling towards the camera]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] And Ainsley Painter ...
[cut to another female librarian (long brown hair, business suit) peeking her head through the shelves of one of the book cases]
AINSLEY PAINTER: Um, I'm a reference librarian. It's a great job.
[cut to the librarian (also with her back to the camera) sitting in the same chair having zombie makeup applied]
ZAYN GHAST: All good. Done.
[she turns around (revealing "gashes" on her face) and stares wide-eyed at the camera]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] They were all dressed up for a calendar, "Zombies in the Library."
[cut to more shots of the librarians in zombie makeup, dragging themselves through the library]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] Benjamin Wheal, another librarian, had the idea.
[cut to one zombie librarian pushing another sprawled out on a book cart]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] He'd wanted to do a calendar with nice pictures of libraries.
[cut to another male librarian (short red hair, goattee, black shirt) speaking directly to the camera]
BENJAMIN WHEAL: And I'd mentioned this to my colleagues, and they actually weren't too excited about it, so ... um, off the cuff I said, "Why don't we do a 'Zombies in the Library' calendar?" And the room just lit up!
[cut to a female zombie librarian dragging itself down a dark hallway]
ZOMBRARIAN: I'm going to take a book out ...
[cut back to Benjamin speaking directly to the camera]
BENJAMIN WHEAL: A lot of librarians are actually very quirky, uh, quite imaginative people. Uh, not at all like the stereotype that you might have of, y'know ...
[cut back to the female zombie librarian]
BENJAMIN WHEAL: [in voice over] Rather fussy people shushing all the time. That sort of thing.
[cut back to Benjamin speaking directly to the camera]
BENJAMIN WHEAL: It's a nice way to show some creativity, and show they're actually young and adventurous. And actually quite a dramatic profession.
[cut back to the makeup artist speaking to an unseen librarian]
ZAYN GHAST: Gash up in there a bit, maybe a bite.
[cut to several still photographs of zombie librarians in various poses (attacking a female patron, playing chess, leaving bloody handprints on the reference desk, etc.)]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] They found lots of librarians who wanted to be in the calendar, and a scary bloke to do the makeup.
[cut to a closeup of the makeup artist (who is himself wearing white face paint with dark circle drawn around his eyes and an "Ask Me About My Zombie" t-shirt), as he stares into the camera with his zombified contact lenses]
ZAYN GHAST: Zayn Ghast ...
[he bares his teeth (which are made up to look rotten), then cut to him applying makeup to Ainsley]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] Somehow, Zayn taught himself to do this ...
ZAYN GHAST: Ainsley, I'm making you up as ... a fresher zombie.
ZAYN GHAST: See, you haven't been dead for that long. You've had a ... big zombie scrach.
[cut to a shot of a male zombie librarian as seen through a convex security mirror]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] If you can't stand the sight of ...
[cut back to Zayn applying makeup to Ainsley]
ZAYN GHAST: Uh, it's a little more blood. Just gonna add in some blood.
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] You'll be happy to know ... it's red corn syrup.
[cut to footage from "Night of the Living Dead"]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] Books and old movies made zombies scary. Michael Jackson made them dance.
[cut to footage from the "Thriller" music video]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] And "Shaun of the Dead" made them funny.
[cut to footage from the vinyl-tossing scene from the "Shaun of the Dead" movie, then back to Ainsley at the book case]
AINSLEY PAINTER: Y'know, getting the blood on, getting the makeup on, getting your gore on ... It's great fun!
[cut to Ainsely (in zombie makeup) eating a slice of pizza, when the reporter walks into the scene]
PAUL MARSHALL: Zombies don't really eat pizza.
[she picks at one of the toppings on the slice]
[he runs off camera]
[cut to Benjamin (dressed normally) speaking directly to the camera (while zombie librarians can be seen shuffling around in the background)]
PAUL MARSHALL: [from off camera] Benjamin, what have you done?
BENJAMIN WHEAL: Uh, what I think I've done is introduce zombies to the world of our librarians, which is ...
[the zombies begin pulling books off the shelves and dropping them on the floor]
BENJAMIN WHEAL: I think, y'know, a concept long overdue.
[cut to a female librarian typing at the computer (when she notices a zombie sneaking up behind her), then cut to the reporter walking with a group of zombie librarians]
PAUL MARSHALL: Are you guys sure you're librarians?
[they all moan "Yesss", then cut to the zombie librarian being wheeled around on a book cart]
STEPHEN RADLETT: [in voice over] It's not just ... read book, shelve book, tell people where book is.
[cut to Stephen (and the other zombie librarians) trying to play chess]
STEPHEN RADLETT: [in voice over] It's cliche-ish, but there's so much more at your library.
[cut back to the zombie librarians talking to the reporter]
CARLY REIMANN: That's right. I think if more people knew about it, a lot more people would wanna work here!
[they all laugh]
PAUL MARSHALL: So what books do you like?
CARLY REIMANN: [pause] I like horror, personally.
[cut to the zombie librarians "hiding" behind one of the bookshelves, ready to pounce at the camera]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] What happens when you walk in the front door tonight?
[cut back to the zombie librarians talking to the reporter]
STEPHEN RADLETT: [pause] I'm pretty certain my wife will scream ...
CARLY REIMANN: I'm just hoping I get pulled over on the way home.
[they all laugh, then cut back to an exterior shot of the library at night, with the librarians (still in zombie makeup but walking normally) head towards the parking lot]
PAUL MARSHALL: [in voice over] Librarians ...
STEPHEN RADLETT: I don't know about you guys, but I'm dead on my feet ...
[cut to a shot of the "Zombies in the Library" poster (as Vincent Price's laughter from the "Thriller" video can be heard), then back to the two hosts laughing in the studio]
ANDREW O'KEEFE: Only Paul Marshall!
SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE: I know, he did a good job.



Zombies in the Library by SALIN

A celebration of Zombies and Libraries, presented by SALIN, the South Australian Library & Information Network.

books, brains, libraries, zombies



THEY are young, quirky and at times downright scary. Say hello to your local librarians.

As 2012's National Year of Reading hits full swing, libraries are celebrating the fact that they're no longer about dusty hardbacks, reminder notices and stern reminders to shhhh!

According to National Year of Reading statistics, 46 per cent of Australians have some difficulty with reading.

Librarians nationwide are helping change their image to highlight their workplace as a place of creativity and fun to inspire the locals to visit their nearby library.

And none more so than City of Tea Tree Gully librarian Benjamin Wheal.

In an attempt to break down stereotypes, the 38-year-old channelled his artistic streak and came up with the Zombies in the Library calendar concept.

Members of the South Australian Library and Information Network committee and friends from the library community rallied together to shoot various spooky scenes in libraries around town.

"We wanted to demonstrate that, yes, we're librarians but it's not a boring hair in a bun, patches on the jacket kind of industry," Mr Wheal said.

"We're young, we've got a sense of humour and we can actually do some cool, exciting things."

The Zombies in the Library calendar is available for $26 through and begins on the month specified by the customer.

Proceeds will go to SALIN.



Benjamin Wheal from the South Australian Library & Information Network (SALIN) Committee wrote to tell us about their latest exploit. He writes...

"We're a grass-roots, unaffiliated group which creates networking and professional development opportunities for people in the Library sector in South Australia (especially for newer graduates). In 2010 we're 10 years young. This year the SALIN Committee has chosen to celebrate our profession through production of the 2011 calendar "Zombies in the Library". The calendar covers such topics as the role of the Zombie in reference, the frustrations faced when the Undead hog the photocopier, and for cataloguers, poses the eternal question: 299.675 or 398.21?
"The point behind creating the calendar was to develop professional skills by doing something different and creative ... and we hope that Library folk will get a good laugh along the way. We consider the final product an achievement, an oddity, and something of interest to the profession."

Proceeds will cover costs of production and after that will go to local charities. So if you love a little zombie-esque time management, this calendar is a must-have. Might also make a good Christmas gift for your quirky loved ones.



Zombies on Sunrise
Posted on June 19, 2012 by darthrads

Some time ago, several members of staff were made up as zombies for a calendar shoot called Attack of the Zombrarians. It was a lot of work for the effects artist, but great fun and a chance to show that library staff have a great sense of humour.

More recently, one of the photos from the calendar was used by The Advertiser as part of the promotion for the National Year of Reading. It was great to see the interest rekindled as it was followed up by a reporter from Weekend Sunrise, wanting to do a televised story about the 'zombies in the library'.

One Thursday night after closure, when the Library was dark, the wind was icy and the rain poured, the zombies rose again – with the final piece screening on Sunrise on Sunday 10th June.

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