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Case Study No. 1086: Mike "The Math Librarian" Martelle

Mike Martelle interview
Mike Martelle Grizzly Gym Math Librarian
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[scene opens with Mike Martelle being interviewed outside of an MMA ring]
AL NAVA: This is Al Nava for TheFightGame dot TV. I'm here with Mike Martelle ...
[he shakes his hand]
AL NAVA: How ya doin', man? The Librarian!
MIKE MARTELLE: The Math Librarian!
AL NAVA: The Math Librarian ...
[Mike takes the microphone from him]
MIKE MARTELLE: Y'know, lemmee tell ya ... Even the Math Librarian can get the numbers wrong. Even the Math Librarian can confuse the angles. Even the Math Librarian can zig when he should've zagged!
[Al laughs, as Mike continues gesturing towards the camera]
MIKE MARTELLE: The great ones can stub their toes, too ... Is that supposed to impress somebody? There is no man alive who can escape the Isosceles Triangle Choke, the Pythagorean Theorem, or the Amadeus Net once I successfully apply them!
[he hands him back the microphone]
AL NAVA: Well, today you weren't able to apply that, today. We're here in Tee-Jay, is this your first time coming out here and fighting? 'Cause I know last time, you weren't able to fight. Um, your opponent didn't show up or some problems like that, but how'd you feel today before the fight?
[he takes the microphone back]
MIKE MARTELLE: Man, I felt alright before the fight today. I'd just like to take a moment to thank everybody I train with ... GAMMA in Montreal, Phil Gelinas, Fabio, Yolanda, Grizzly Jim. Guys like "Crazy Legs" Mike Domingo, "Little Angry Gloves" Adrian Kinsella, "Sheriff" Shawn Whitman.
[he smiles]
MIKE MARTELLE: This is my first match here in Tijuana after the debacle, the fiasco last year at Rosarito Beach ... I'm still Tijuana's favorite son! Everyone loves the Math Librarian, he's not going nowhere! In fact, I got a special challenge to make right now.
AL NAVA: Wow ...
AL NAVA: You sure may! Who would you like to challenge?
MIKE MARTELLE: It's someone I got a little history with. Some of you out there already know who I'm talking about ... I'm talking about Ken Shamrock!
[Al laughs]
MIKE MARTELLE: World's Most Dangerous Man, the world's most dangerous librarian just called you out!
[he hands him back the microphone]
AL NAVA: Well, we'll see if he answers with us. And y'know, maybe we'll make that happen somehow somewhere ... How about today, you tell us about your future.
[he shakes his hand]
AL NAVA: How about what're you doing later, man? You going out and partying? Having a good time?
MIKE MARTELLE: Well, there is plenty of good times to be had in Tee-Jay, and I may avail myself of some of said options.
[Al laughs]
MIKE MARTELLE: Uh, much props to my opponent tonight. I'd like to thank everybody, including TheFightGame dot TV ... My sponsors, LibrarianGear dot com.
[he points at his t-shirt, which features a graphic similar to the MLB logo (although instead of the silhouette of a man holding a baseball bat, it's a woman with a bun in her hair putting a finger to her lips to shush someone)]
MIKE MARTELLE: ScientificWrestling dot com, Jake Shannon ... I really, y'know I'm just, it's a great opportunity to be here. And it's a great opportunity to talk to you guys again.
AL NAVA: Well Mike, y'know, hopefully next time we see you, you'll be able to show a little bit more. Y'know, be able to do a little bit more. This time, unfortunately, you didn't come out a winner--
[Mike shrugs]
AL NAVA: But it's always a pleasure watching you ... Mike, nice seeing you again.
[he shakes his hand]
AL NAVA: And this is Al, this is Mike, for TheFightGame dot TV.



Canadian Mixed Martial Artist Mike 'The Math Librarian' Martelle is coming to Australia in November to take on heavyweight sensation 'Big' Jim Yorke. PWP caught up with Mike to find out, among other things, where the name 'The Math Librarian' came from. Read the interview below.

*Hi Mike, for the Australian MMA fans that don't know you, for starters can you fill us in on your background. How did you get into MMA and how long have you been training?
I've been in martial arts my entire life, and I've been competing full-contact since 1995 - Muay Thai, Shootfighting, Pankration, et cetera. I turned pro in 2005, after all the talk of Olympic Pankration in 2004 failed to materialize.

*Where do you train?
My own school, Grizzly Gym, as well as GAMMA – that's the headquarters of Brazilian Top Team Canada, in Montreal.

*Your nickname 'The Librarian' has to be one of the most memorable in the sport. How did you come to be called 'The Librarian'?
Actually, it's "The Math Librarian", and I even placed 1st in a recent internet list of the Top Ten MMA Nicknames! (The Top Ten Nicknames You've Never Heard). The simple truth is that my real job before turning pro was working in the Math & Statistics Library at Queen's University here in Canada. In a sport filled with scary nicknames like "The Axe Murderer" and so forth, I thought it'd be fun to stand out with something completely the opposite.

*We see you've had a great 2010 so far, with several KO and submission wins showing your versatility. Without giving too much away, how have you been preparing for your fights?
Thanks! I always prepare the same – I do everything. Standup, wrestling, BJJ, conditioning, strength training, you name it. I just aim to be the best I can possibly be in every area of the game.

*Have you ever been to Australia before?
Never, I can't wait! You guys are one of the remaining stops on my career goal of competing on every continent!

*Do you know much about Australian MMA?
I know that you have some tough guys down there, that's for sure! I was actually roommates with Anthony Perosh at ADCC 2009, he was a class act all the way.

*Can you tell us quickly about Canadian MMA? Any up and comers that will be on our screens soon?
The sport is huge up here right now, and it seems like every one of the big teams has several guys chomping at the bit to hit the big time! It's a great environment to train in, that's for sure!

*Your opponent, 'Big' Jim Yorke is well known in Australian MMA circles. How do you see the fight panning out with Big Jim?
I have nothing but respect for Big Jim. I've been watching his footage, and I think we'll have an explosive battle. It's an honour to fight him, and I thank both Mr. York and PWP for the opportunity!

*As a professional athlete, you must have some help from sponsors and supporters. Any names you would like to mention?
Actually, I have no sponsors at the moment – if you know any, send them my way! :)

*We can't wait to have you down under on PWP2, good luck with your preparations!
No no, thank YOU and all the fans for this great opportunity!

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