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Case Study No. 1017: Fel and Liz

OGP La Tale: Lv. 193 Blade Slinger / Judgement Gameplay @ Velfa Library
Finally made it to Lv. 193 on my Blade Slinger and Duelist. I'm not as strong as I can be, but im quite satisfied with my character.

One thing to point out is that, I only lag a bit because I was recording, so dont comment about that, some of you like to point out that my ping sucks, it doesnt, I live real close to the server.

Ignore the dislikes, some of Nova's retarded fans came thru my channel and gave me some free views.
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[the player enters the lobby of Velfa Library, where he finds the young female librarians Fel and Liz]
LIZ: Welcome to Velfa, the temple of knowledge.
[the player selects "Conversation"]
LIZ: The magical library has a long history. It is said to hold the majority of the knowledge of the world.
[the player selects "Receive Quest"]
LIZ: I need your help. Can you help me?
[the player selects "Mysterious Accident"]
LIZ: Recently, there have been mysterious reports that monsters have been pouring out from the magical library deep in the forest.
["Mysterious Accident, Hermitage 0/30, Hermitage Hat 0/15" appears on screen, as the player enters the General Book Room, where several Hermitages (dwarf-like creatures) are pushing around wheelbarrows filled with books]
HERMITAGE 1: Yo ho ... Let's build a mountain of books!
HERMITAGE 2: None of the girls know about the book!
HERMITAGE 3: Let's clean up the books!
[the player begins killing several of the Hermitages (as well as demonically-possessed floating books called Ridewords)]
RIDEWORD 1: How dare you ... you cannot read me!
HERMITAGE 5: Grr ... my back!
RIDEWORD 2: I will read you!
HERMITAGE 6: Don't interrupt me!
RIDEWORD 3: When you've finished reading, please put them in their correct place.
HERMITAGE 7: Tohoho!
RIDEWORD 4: Yum yum yum!
RIDEWORD 5: Ahh, my inner side is shy ...
["Warp to Library Lobby" appears on screen, as the player has completed the challenge, and returns to the librarians]
LIZ: Thank you for helping us out providing safety to guests.
["You've received the reward from the Mysterious Accident quest." appears on screen]



"La Tale" is a 2D side-scrolling online game developed by Actoz Soft. Gamers take the role of adventurers in a mythological fantasy world.

It was launched in South Korea in February 2006 where it was well received. In February 2007, Actoz entered into an agreement with Chinese game operator Shanda to open a server in mainland China. On March 18, 2008 OGPlanet signed a contract with Actoz Soft to bring La Tale to North America. Aeria Games launched La Tale in Europe on July 30, 2009, and closed the server on October 21, 2010.



HP: 55,759
Habitat: Velfa Library
This fairy loves to read books and organize them on the book shelves. However, the result was so messed up that it worried the librarian.

According to Liz, "they used to be monsters that move books around in the library" ... They "were helpful," but something made them angry.

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