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Case Study No. 1012: Unnamed Female Librarian (Her Alibi)

Her Alibi (1989) -Tom Selleck - Chat at the Library
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[scene opens with Phil and his friend Sam speaking in the library]
SAM: You think she's really trying to kill you?
PHIL: No ... Yes. Maybe.
[he laughs and shrugs his shoulders]
PHIL: Of course not ... I don't know, why do you ask?
[a male patron walks by, so they lower their voices]
SAM: Because if she kills you, I'm next, that's why!
PHIL: She's not gonna kill me ...
[he starts walking away, so Sam follows him]
SAM: Oh? She just using you as target practice?
PHIL: That was an accident.
SAM: There's no such thing as accidents, Phil. Only plans other people make and don't tell you about!
[another male patron walks by]
SAM: I hope she's a tornado between the sheets ...
[he sighs]
PHIL: I haven't slept with her yet ...
[he starts to walk away again, as Sam stares at him in disbelief]
SAM: You haven't slept with her?!
[he raises his voice, causing a nearby older female librarian (white hair, glasses, striped blouse) to look up from her book and give them both a dirty look]
SAM: [quietly] Sorry ...
[she closes her book, looks down her glasses at Sam, then walks away]
SAM: What's the point of this?
PHIL: [quietly] I love her ...
SAM: [pause] Oh, right. I keep forgetting that ...
PHIL: Doesn't anybody recognize love anymore? The tensions, the pain, the uncertainty?
[he looks down the hallway at Nina (who is sitting on a chair and reading a book entitled "Fine Wine"), then turns back to Sam]
PHIL: The cold sweats, the nauseous feelings that swell in the pit of your stomach ... I mean, where the hell has romance gone today?
SAM: I'm sorry, I don't buy this whole thing with her. Now, you're jeopardizing a gigantic best-seller, I think you should just end it with her!
PHIL: No, Sam, you don't understand ... Even if I wanted to, I couldn't do that! I need her for this story. I'm not writing it alone, we are! I don't know what comes next.
SAM: Lie! That's what writers are paid for!
PHIL: That's not gonna ring true, Sam! Look, ever since she moved in, the story just ... it flows.
[they both stare down the hallway at her]
PHIL: Sometimes she seems like a ... lost child. Other times, I think she's hiding something.
[she suddenly looks up and waves to them, as they awkwardly smile and wave back before slinking back into the stacks]
PHIL: I love her ... I'm terrified of her.
SAM: Sounds like the normal relationship.



HER ALIBI (1989). Tom Selleck is a writer. He discusses his new book with his editor while standing in the library stacks.

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