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Case Study No. 0818: Unnamed Female Librarian (Tiny Library)

Tiny Library: Episode #1
A girl runs a tiny library. Starring Kristen Riley and Meg McCarthy.
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (dark hair in a ponytail, thick glasses, white blouse, red skirt) shelving books in a small bookcase, as her "theme song" plays]

There's not a lotta books here
There's not a lotta stuff to read
There's really only three shelves
It's a tiny library
And if you're feeling bad now 'cause she can't help
And you can't find the books that you want
Remember it's a tiny library
Tiny library
A tiny library

[cut to the librarian sitting next to the bookcase (and checking her watch), when a young female student enters]
[the librarian smiles at her]
STUDENT: Um, I'm doing this research project for school on Amelia Earhart! Is that how you say her name?
[the librarian pauses, staring at her blankly]
LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Yes.
STUDENT: Okay, I was wondering if you could help me out. I don't really know where to begin ...
LIBRARIAN: Okay. Well, you came to the right place. I would suggest going to the microfiche and looking up research articles ...
[she stops and looks around (as if noticing for the first time that the only thing in the room is the book case)]
LIBRARIAN: Um, never mind ... You could look at the encyclopedia.
[she opens the bookcase and takes out a book]
LIBRARIAN: Yeah, right here ... just "A through K."
[cut to the student staring at the book's spine title ("The World Book Dictionary")]
STUDENT: Um, this is a dictionary ...
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face]
LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Oh.
[the student hands her the book back]
STUDENT: [pause] I'll just Google it.
[the student gives her a confused look, as the librarian hugs the dictionary tightly to her chest]
LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Okay.
[she tries to give a smile, as the student turns to leave and the theme song plays again as the scene fades to black]

Written & Directed
by Nate Shelkey


Kristen Riley
as the Librarian

Meg McCarthy
as the Student

Jake & Bert
as Background Cats

Theme song by Nate Shelkey

Little Ships
Production Company



Kristen and I finally finished making this video we wanted to do for awhile. It's called Tiny Library about a girl who runs a ... well, you'll get the picture.

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