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Case Study No. 0814: Unnamed Female Librarian (StarHub)

StarHub Happy Talk Library
From 28 May 2010, StarHub will start offering HappyTalk, a new benefit that gives mobile customers an extra 300 minutes of talktime every month to make local outgoing calls.

Available to all customers on any 3G SmartSurf or PowerValue plan, HappyTalk minutes are on top of the bundled local minutes that the respective mobile packages offer, and best of all, at no additional monthly charges to the customer!

Customers with HappyTalk minutes could utilise the additional free local minutes to enjoy MyZone, MyCircle or MyTime service, based on their lifestyle preference.

MyZone -- Whether at school, work or play, customers can make free local calls to phone numbers on any network at 37 campuses, 11 military camps and four popular shopping malls, namely ION Orchard, Plaza Singapura, Raffles City Shopping Centre and Bugis Junction where they can talk on the mobile freely while shopping or feasting. Please refer to the editor's notes for the list of MyZone locations.

MyCircle -- Customers can make free local outgoing calls to three of their favourite StarHub Mobile or fixed-line numbers. They also enjoy additional free 500 outgoing SMS/MMS to these selected numbers, in excess of the bundled SMS/MMS on their mobile packages.

MyTime -- Using HappyTalk minutes, customers could dial any StarHub phone number and chat with their friends for free between 12 midnight and 7am daily.

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[scene opens with an older female librarian (thick glasses, hair in a bun, blue sweater) searching through the stacks, as a high-pitched voice speaking gibberish can be heard]
[cut to one of the shelves, where a young female patron is holding a book ... then the camera pans down to reveal that a green sock puppet is making the noise, laughing and speaking gibberish into a tiny cellphone in its "hand"]
LIBRARIAN: [yelling] Please! No talking on the phone!
[the puppet looks up at her and tilts its head to the side, then laughs uproariously and continues babbling into its phone]
[cut back to the librarian, with a shocked look on her face, then the patron walks up behind her and smiles]
PATRON: He's not talking ... He's happy talking!
[he opens and closes her hand in a "talking" motion, as the librarian gives her a confused look]
NARRATOR: Singapore, it's time to happy talk!
[cut to the "Happy Talk StarHub Mobile" logo]
NARRATOR: Three ways to talk for free!
[the puppet pops up, as "Free calls in selected camps, malls and schools with MyZone" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: Choose one! Free calls in camps, malls, and schools!
["Free calls and SMS to 3 friends with MyCircle" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: Or to three friends!
["Free calls from midnight to 7am with MyTime" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: Or from midnight to 7 AM!
["Call 1633 now www dot starhub dot com slash happytalk" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: Call "1633" now!
["You Can Starhub" appears on screen]



StarHub Limited is a full-fledged telecommunications company providing a full range of services over mobile, internet and fixed platforms in Singapore. It is the second largest mobile operator.



HappyTalk gives all StarHub Mobile customers 3 ways to talk for free. Choose one – MyZone, MyTime or MyCircle, to enjoy an additional 300 minutes talk time on top of your existing mobile plan. Pick the option that suits you best.

MyCircle - For the social creatures out there

You love chatting non-stop with your friends and you are always in the loop with what's happening around you and your friends. Then MyCircle is for you. It lets you nominate 3 friends and enjoy FREE 300 minutes of additional talktime and 300 SMS/MMS to them.

MyTime – For the night owls

You are a creature of the night and you are most active while the rest of the world sleeps. MyTime is perfect for your lifestyle because you can make free calls from midnight to 7 am; to anyone you wish!

MyZone – For those on the go

You are a person on the move and needs to stay connected wherever you are. And we are giving you free calls at the places where you spend most of your time. So, enjoy free calls while you are in campus, army camps, and shopping malls!

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