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Case Study No. 0622: Mrs. Shusham

A Pup Name Scooby-Doo Season 3, Episode 6- The Ghost of Mrs Shusham
A Pup Named Scooby-Doo: Shaggy and Scooby-Doo are haunted by The Ghost of Mrs. Shusham, the librarian of the old Coolsville library who wants an extremely overdue library book back, "Pizza Parrots Meet the Butter Bean Bunnies".
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[scene opens with Scooby Doo and his friends in their treehouse, when a female "ghost" suddenly appears in the doorway]
SHUSHAM: I want my book!
SHAGGY: Like, oh no! It's the ghost of Misses Shusham!
DAPHNE: Misses Shusham? Weren't you the librarian at the old Coolsville Library?
SHUSHAM: That's right! Shaggy Rogers has my book, and I want it back now!
SHAGGY: Like, do something Scoob!
SCOOBY: Yeah Scooby, do something ... uh, oh yeah, that's me!
[he quickly changes into a lady cop uniform, and begins yelling in a high-pitched voice]
SCOOBY: Misses Shusham!
SHAGGY: Like, it's Misses Dewberry from the New Coolsville Library Book Patrol!
[Scooby runs over and takes the book of the ghost's hands]
SHAGGY: Uh oh, Misses Shusham! You tore a page in your book!
SHUSHAM: Well, I ... Well ... Well, I--
SCOOBY: That's no excuse!
SHAGGY: Like, you'd better pay, before Misses Dewberry has to take away your library card!
SCOOBY: Don't push me!
SHUSHAM: Alright, alright! I'll take care of it ... Return my book to my library before midnight, or else!
[the ghost turns and leaves]
SHAGGY: Like, did you hear that, Scoob? We're gone! History! Heading for that big pizza parlor in the sky!
SCOOBY: I heard, I heard!
FRED: What book is the ghost talking about?
SHAGGY: Like, well, it happened a long time ago ...
[cut to a flashback of Scooby and Shaggy speaking to the (living) librarian at the old Coolsville Library]
SHAGGY: Like, thanks for the book, Misses Shusham!
[she quickly holds up a "No talking!" sign]
SHUSHAM: Shhh, no talking in the library!
SCOOBY: Okay ...
[he licks the sign]
SHUSHAM: No puppy slurping allowed in the library!
[the pup turns to leave]
SCOOBY: Sheesh, what a grouch ...
SHAGGY: [in voice over] But one day, when I ran inside to get a snack, Scooby accidentally buried the book in the backyard!
[cut back to the treehouse]
SHAGGY: And then, they closed down the old library, so I never could return the book!
DAPHNE: Oh, you two. Why would a ghost librarian want that book?
SHAGGY: Like, "Pizza Parrots Meet the Butter Bean Bunnies" is a classic!
SCOOBY: Yeah, it's the greatest! Huh?
[Scooby looks down and finds a book]
DAPHNE: That's the book Misses Shusham had!
[Velma looks at the book with a magnifying glass]
FRED: What're you looking at, Velma?
[Daphne looks at where Velma is looking]
DAPHNE: It's from "Bernice Binder's Used Books" ...


[the gang enters "Binder's Books" and the woman inside starts screaming at the sight of them, before eventually composing herself]
BERNICE: Pardon me, I thought you were the ghost of Misses Shusham!
SHAGGY: She was here lookin' for us, Scoob! Now I know I'm a wanted boy!
SCOOBY: And I'm a wanted puppy!
FRED: And I wanna know what the ghost wants!
BERNICE: I bought a bunch of books when the old library closed. She wanted one that I didn't have.
SHAGGY: Gulp! Like, that's our book, Scoob!
SCOOBY: Oh no!
DAPHNE: What happened to Misses Shusham when the library closed?
BERNICE: Nobody knows. She disappeared ... until her ghost showed up, that is.
SHAGGY: Did you hear that, Scoob? She came back just to get us!
SCOOBY: Aren't we lucky?
BERNICE: Oh, she won't hurt you ... she'll just follow you, curse you, and haunt you until the day you die!
[Shaggy and Scooby both faint at the news]


[the gang has entered the abandoned library to try and solve the mystery, when Misses Shusham appears and starts chasing them]
FRED: Oh no, it's a dead end!
SHUSHAM: Now for some overdue revenge!
SHAGGY: Like, hold it right there, Misses Shusham!
[he takes out a book]
SHAGGY: Like, Scoob and I need to take a quick peek at this book!
SHAGGY: "101 Easy Ways to Catch a Ghost Librarian" ...
SHUSHAM: Very well, hurry it up!
SCOOBY: It says "Grab a shelf" ...
SHAGGY: Like, yeah. And "shake real hard!"
[they shake the nearby bookshelf, causing all of the books to fall on top of Misses Shusham, trapping her]
FRED: Great job, you two!
SHAGGY: [laughing] Like, book 'em Scoob-o!
SCOOBY: Right, Shagg-o!


[with the "ghost" subdued, the gang move in to reveal her identity]
SHAGGY: Like, the ghost is none other than ...
[Scooby pulls off her mask]
SCOOBY: Bernice Binder!
BERNICE: Bet you think you're real bright, don't you, Mister Smarty-Pants?
SHAGGY: Like first, she fanned Scooby with his dinner napkin from the clubhouse. And then, he found Binder's bookmark in the Rare Book Price Guide!
[Velma looks in the price guide]
VELMA: Jinkies! "Pizza Parrots and the Butter Bean Bunnies" is a rare book!
DAPHNE: Oh, I get it. That's why Miss Binder wanted it so badly.
FRED: Yeah, so she could sell it in her shop and make a lotta money!
BERNICE: Yes, and I would've gotten away with it, if it weren't for these two--
[a copy of "Crime and Punishment" falls on her head]
VELMA: Jinkies, I'm proud of you both!
SCOOBY: Aw, it was nothing Velma!
SHAGGY: Like, yeah! And besides, Scoob and I learned something important ...
SCOOBY: Really important!
[cut back to the treehouse]
DAPHNE: I'm glad you two are reading something other than comic books!
SHAGGY: Like, thanks to these library cookbooks from the New Coolsville Library, Scoob and I can make lots of diffferent-flavored pizzas!
[he laughs, as Scooby pulls a pizza out of the oven]
SCOOBY: A whole lot!



A Pup Named Scooby-Doo
Season 3, Episode 6: "The Ghost of Mrs Shusham"
Written by Bill Matheny
Air Date: Saturday July 13, 1991

A ghost librarian bullies Shaggy into returning a long-overdue library book.

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