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Case Study No. 0301: Jen Frazier

AFTER TWILIGHT Trailer (Short)
This is the trailer for our short version of AFTER TWILIGHT. Bookish Jen Frazier seems an unlikely choice to be a freedom fighter, but when a theocratic new order occupies the state of Texas, Jen is pushed into action carrying contraband for the underground. A surprise raid by the religious police shows Jen just how dangerous it
can be to fight a state with 'God on its side.'
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["The Novice" appears on screen, as black and white footage of a young female librarian is shown]
GOLDMAN: [from off camera] Why do they keep sending pretty young girls?
["The Expert" appears on screen, as an old man is shown speaking to Jen]
GOLDMAN: This is dangerous business!
["The Cop" appears on screen, as several police officers are shown beating Goldman before the scene changes to an officer interrogating him]
SGT. STREETMAN: We know the little girl is here ...
GOLDMAN: Just little girls and old men ... trying to make a quota!
[cut to Jen carrying a package and entering a cab]
JEN: Go!
[more footage from the film is shown]

Christine Auten
Don Hampton
Laurie Scott

After Twilight



The Lone Star State is in a bloody war with the United States to become a separate fundamentalist Christian nation. A sinister force of religious policemen led by the brutal Sgt.Streetman carries sinners off to redemption campes for salvation...if they survive. Young librarian Jen Frazier really wants to be invisible to the oppressive religious government that has taken over Texas where reason is outlawed and blind faith rules! But Jen's plan to isolate herself from the madness surrounding her is thwarted by her vivacious and high-spirited younger sister, Zoe, who embraces the underground resistance. When Zoe is captured by the religious extremists and dragg to Camp Purity, a hellhole of Old Testament punishments and torture, Jen is pulled into the dark and dangerous world of The Underground, liberators, witnesses, scribes and apparitors. Once forced to confront the theocracy in a fierce, face-to-face battle, a defiant Jen will find out just how dangerous it is to fight a state with God on its side.

AFTER TWILIGHT is not an anti-faith story nor is it an anti-Christian story. It shines a spotlight on a disturbing extremism and intolerance that is growing today in our society. When church and state are combined, both are corrupted and neith fulfills its purpose.



Running time 34 min (approx.)
35mm Black & White
Widescreen Letterbox

Bookish Jen Frazier seems an unlikely choice to be a freedom fighter, but when a theocratic new order occupies the state of Texas, Jen is pushed into action carrying contraband for the underground.

In the backroom of a closed antique shop Goldman, the proprietor, charges Jen with the task of delivering a mysterious package to an unnamed underground. But before Goldman can finish his instructions, the Apparitors (religious police) led by Sgt. Streetman raid the shop. Jen hides and escapes capture, but the police seize Goldman, and beat him to death for resisting arrest.

In spite of the danger, and driven by a desire to "Make up for something I didn't do ... " Jen decides to deliver the package to her contact. When she tries to return home, Jen is pursued by Sgt. Streetman, and flees into the night, leaving her normal life forever behind her.

At the appointed hour, Jen arrives to deliver the package to her contact. When the contact appears, the secret agents of the church, the Seraphim, quickly subdue him. Jen avoids capture only because the occupants of a mysterious white van snatch her off the street.

Not knowing who her captors are, and remembering Goldman's admonition to "Trust no one, no one at all", Jen escapes their grasp and is once again pursued on the streets of Houston as a wanted "person of interest".

While hiding in a burned out studio, Jen meets Shad the artist, and hears his tale of torture and oppression at the hands of the theocracy. Shad also happens to be a member of the underground organization led by "Jessie the Liberator", the same organization that had previously pulled Jen off the street. Against her will, Jen is drawn into the underground network of interfaith freedom fighters led by The Liberator.

Deep under the city streets, Jen meets the core of "witnesses" led by Jessie, and begins to grasp the full extent of the resistance forming against the theocratic order represented by Sgt. Streetman.

Jen strikes a bargain with Jessie to insure the package is delivered into the hands of its intended recipients. In so doing, Jen makes the ultimate sacrifice and the contents of the mysterious package are revealed to the audience.

Saying any more, including which character is the librarian, would spoil your viewing of the film.

"After Twilight" is a cautionary tale of the near future delivered in the form of a classic film noir thriller. The film's central theme is the inherent dangers of combining religion with politics and the inevitable corruption of both.

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